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Beloved as one of the world’s oldest known cocktails, the mojito reflects hundreds of years of refinement. Enjoyed as far back as the 16th century, this time traveler has journeyed from the Havana Club in Cuba to cities across the globe. Our Classic Mojito is a go-to rum favorite that features mint and lime—the ingredients they say sailors once relied on for good health. The mojito is a preferred choice of rum lovers, and a remarkable discovery for the rum curious. Serve over ice in a highball glass with a mint sprig and lime wedge for peak refreshment.

MADE WITH Caribbean Rum, Lime juice

12 pod count box
50 mL | 32.9% ALC By VOL in pod
200 mL | Approx 8.2% ALC BY VOL as served by your drinkmaker
170 Calories

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