Gentleman Jack Manhattan

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A rendition of one of the most iconic cocktails in the world, the Top Shelf Collection Manhattan starts with Gentleman Jack, a double-mellowed Tennessee Whiskey with an exceptionally smooth finish, hints of balanced oak and notes of caramel and vanilla.  We then add sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters resulting in a classic, refined, whiskey-forward cocktail.

You will find that the Manhattan is extremely versatile, an ideal cocktail for any occasion.  So, whether you are hosting a large dinner party or a quiet night with a few friends, Gentleman Jack is the perfect guest!

Best served straight up in a chilled coupe glass with a cherry garnish.

  • 4 pod count tube
  • 50 ml - 50% ABV in pod, 7oz - 20.8% ABV as served
  • MADE WITH: Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey and Vermouth
  • Not carbonated

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