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The Drinkworks™ Drinkmaker prepares cocktails, brews, and more at home using proprietary Drinkworks™ Pods. Each drink is made consistently every time using a Pod-specified mix of chilled water and carbonation. A variety of Drinkworks™ Pod Collections include classic and specialty cocktail offerings, leading brands, and signature mixers. Enjoying quality drinks at home, both old favorites and new discoveries, has never been easier!

Q: Are any pods included with the Drinkworks Home Bar?

No pods are included with the purchase of the Drinkworks Home Bar.  All pods must be purchased separately.

Q: Why does Drinkworks exist?

At Drinkworks, their mission is to make the entire drinking experience more remarkable through innovation. Their goal is to transform the way you buy, create, and enjoy your favorite cocktails, beer, ciders, and more, whether it’s just another Tuesday night, a family barbeque, or New Year’s Eve.

Q: Does Drinkworks only make alcoholic beverages?

The Drinkworks Home Bar currently only offers pods with spirits included. They plan to release non-alcoholic beverages soon.

Q: Do I have to buy my own alcohol?

No, you do not. Each pod contains custom, high-quality recipes and signature blends of a variety of spirits.

Q: How strong are the drinks?

The strength of each Drinkworks drink will vary based on what you choose but will be similar to the drinks you enjoy at your favorite bar. You can find the alcohol content on each pod in our online store.

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