Chocolate Negroni

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A decadent twist on a favorite classic.

This classic cocktail can be traced back to early twentieth century Italy. However, the current mixologist obsession with its endless varieties makes today an amazing time in history to be a Negroni drinker.  Drinkworks' founder has tried nearly every variation, and his passion inspired them to create a recipe that is a playful and delicious twist on the classic.

In Drinkworks' Signature Series, they introduce the Chocolate Negorni - a balance of traditional and inventive.  The base of gin, amaro liqueur, and vermouth provides an intense bitter start, with orange bitters offering a pleasant citrus twist and handcrafted chocolate liqueur delivering a rich and complex finish.

Serve on the rocks with an orange wedge.

  • 4 count tube
  • 50ml | 45.6% ABV as served
  • 118ml | 19.0% ABV in pod
  • Made with Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur & Orange Bitters
  • Not Carbonated

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