Gin and Tonic

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The Gin & Tonic is an effervescent, aromatic drink, perfectly paired to create a flavor profile distinctly different from its ingredients. Drinkworks’ gin is distilled from fragrant juniper berries, providing an intriguing natural aroma. The soft floral notes of their craft elderflower tonic perfectly balance the gin and put an exciting twist on this refreshingly simple cocktail. Dressed up or down, the G & T is right for every occasion. Enjoy it simply over ice in a highball glass or dress it up with a lime wheel (as pictured on front).

MADE WITH Gin, Elderflower Tonic

4 count tube
50 mL | 42.1% ALC By VOL in pod
118 mL | Approx 17.5% ALC BY VOL as served by your drinkmaker
170 Calories

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